Dear Poppy:

Dear Poppy,

Yesterday, I was reading in one of my journals from September.  I came across this one entry, and I wanted to share it because it spoke of the beauty that You give your creation.

September 29,2009

the Lawn of Barnes and Noble

“Today is such a beautiful day!  I cannot fathom how any single person could look upon the beauty around them–this day filled with purpose and promise–and not see Your face shining upon them.

Life is beautiful.  Even the pains of loneliness, of grief, and of death, even these are beautiful for it is the human heart’s capacity to feel them that make these pains beautiful.

Of this, I am convinced.  It is not the beauty of the craft–the degree of its perfection, the enrapturing quality of its exterior–yet it is the sacrifice in the craftsmanship, the great love of the Maker, that makes all beautiful.  For in the creation of everything beautiful, there was a great sacrifice of great love.

I look at those around me.  We all come from different places, different backgrounds.  We speak different languages; we eat different foods.  We even go home to different places.  But throughout the course of everyday living, we are all unknowingly living a miracle.  We are the miracle.

It doesn’t matter whether or not we realize it, but this world is the workings of a purpose and a glory much greater than ourselves.  That purpose and that glory is You.”

Poppy, thank you for making me beautiful, not by my physical appearance, but by Your very presence dwelling within my soul, by Your gift of great love, and the sacrifice of Your Son.

Forever, I am loving you,


Examples of His Beauty in my life:

“Let the children come to me for to them belongs the Kingdom of Heaven” (Mt 19:14)

Ephesians 5:8, “Now you are light in the Lord.  Walk as children of the Light.”


~ by Sarah on December 18, 2009.

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