Dear Poppy:

Dear Poppy,

Yesterday afternoon, I watched the movie The Gospel of John with a friend of mind.  My heavenly Father, thank you so much for allowing me to see this movie!  Within the relatively short span of three hours, I followed along with the dialogue and read through the whole book of John.

Through actually watching the Gospel reenacted, Lord, I felt my love for Your Son, my Savior, grow even more.  As I watched the young woman wash Jesus’ feet with two bottles of perfume and her own hair, tears filled my eyes.

From watching this scene, I realized that this woman did not love Jesus because of His physical appearance or wealth and neither was she concerned about her own physical appearance.  Rather, she bowed at Jesus’ feet and washed away the dirt fromHis feet with her hair.  That woman loved Jesus from a wellspring of devotion and of complete belief.  She is the model for which I wish to grow even more in devotion to You and Your Son.

Thank you, Poppy!  I pray that I will live fully in this day with the joy and hope that I have in You!

In warmest love and devotion,



~ by Sarah on January 11, 2010.

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