Letter from Feb 24th: Mission work

I’ve decided to try to keep this blog up too!  Now, I’m up to three blogs…


Confession: I’m with the Big Guy

In Compelled, I just wrote about how I’ve wrestled with the call to Latin America to do mission work.  Within the past few months, God revealed that the timing wasn’t quite right, though.  Here’s one of the letters…


Dear Poppy,

Wow!  There is so much that we have to talk about!  Before I begin, though, I would like to specify one thing: the whole purpose of this journaling session is to help me let go of certain things of my life right now.

The truth is that I’m really doubting whether or not I should go to Peru.  Honestly, it seems as though you’ve made my decision for me–staying and going to Italy with Campus Crusades.

I read Katie’s blog and listen to David Platt, but even without those, Lord, I feel you calling me to Latin America.  All that Katie talks about, being challenged to grow in her relationship with you through the cost of her mission work and the dedication of her life to you…

Lord, I want all of these because I’m tired of struggling with all the themes of society that prevent me from living for you.  I know that there will be many and even harder trials once I leave the States, but at least they will be beyond the conflicts of self-image, dating, school, etc…


This is where the entry ended.  To read more about what was going on at the time, click here to read my post on Compelled.

Thanks for reading!  Praying your day is filled with Sonshine,

Sarah 🙂


~ by Sarah on March 25, 2010.

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