Dear Sissy: there is beauty in My timing

•November 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

Dear Sissy,

There have been times when you have asked me, “God, why can’t I just know what I should do?  Why can’t there be a simple formula for me to have the perfect life?”

Well, Sissy, this is not My will.  Part of learning how to trust Me is learning that you can’t always know the answer.

When you were little, do you remember how much you loved being surprised by your Christmas presents?  Can you imagine, though, if your parents had told you everything that you had gotten the night before?  When you had woken up on Christmas morning, you would have already known whether or not you had gotten the Polly Pocket that you wanted or if your brother had gotten the PlayStation.

This applies to My keeping parts of your life a mystery.  Your life is a gift, but in order for you to fully appreciate it, you can only unwrap certain parts of it at certain times in your life.

You say that you want to know how your life will be, but what if I did tell you?  What if I came to you and said, “My Child, you are going to ………” and told you your whole life story?  Would you be disappointed?  Would you still appreciate those events when they happened?  Would you learn the lessons that needed to be learned?  Would you actually live your life in freedom?  Would you regret having asked in the first place?

As your Father, I can say with honesty that I believe you would lose sight of the joy of living.

Therefore, live in the freedom of not knowing!  Rejoice in the fact that I know everything and that I will reveal everything that you need to know when the timing is right.

Even when Satan tries to pull the wool over your eyes, I am still in control.   There is beauty in uncertainty for it is a time when you must learn to rely on Me completely.

There is beauty in having Faith just as there is beauty in My perfect timing.

With all of My creation, I love you.



Dear Poppy

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Dear Poppy,

Today at First Baptist Church in Starkville, two missionaries–a husband and wife with their children–from Honduras spoke.  When I walked through the doors, I was feeling called for something.  When I left through the very same doors, I knew that I was being called for something radical.

Poppy, I am only eighteen years old, yet I feel you tugging at my life.  For so long, school has been my priority.  Now, I realize that even that has kept me from placing You first in my life.

So where do I go from here?  Within my body, I have this desire to drop every single thing in my life.  So badly, I desire to sell all of my stuff and to leave for a Latin American country in order to serve You through serving Your people.

For all of my life, I have been devoted to myself: my own success, my own desires, my own self-image, my own this, my own that.  Lord, am I crazy that I don’t care about these things anymore?

Am I crazy or am I finally sane?

Once again, Poppy, I find myself in a place where I do not know, but I have faith that You do.  I know that when the timing is right, You will reveal Your will for my life.

Take me, Poppy.  You are my One and only Love.  I want to be fully abandoned to You and to You only.

With all of who You have created me to be, I am loving You and longing for You always.


sissy girl

Dear Poppy: we need Your grace to do good

•November 25, 2009 • 2 Comments

Dear Poppy,

This morning when I woke up, the first I did was check the status of my two blogs.  When I saw the statistics for each one, I felt disappointed.  Only 12 people visited both this site and my other site yesterday!

Lord, I did not stay disappointed for long.  These blogs are part of my ministry for You.  Just like all other gifts, I offer these blogs up to You.  Please take these, Poppy, and help them to grow.  Show Your people that I am merely a single part of Your body of Christ.  Sure, I can write these words that You give me, but I need help from the other members of the Body in order to spread them.

There are other people out there today that are feeling tired or not appreciated.  Today, please encouraged by Philippians 2:13, 15:

“It is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.  In the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the Word of life”

Please let Your grace fall upon us and fill our every weakness and doubt.  Poppy, I pray that you never let us grow tired in doing Your will.  We need Your grace to do good.

I love you!

Sissy girl

Dear Sissy: live in My joy

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Dear Sissy,

Good morning!  Did you know that today is the day that I have made?

I know that it is very cloudy today.  You could even say that it looks dreary and cold from the comforts of your warm bed, but remember that I placed you in the world for a reason.  I have a place that only YOU can fill.  If you stay under the cloud of worry and gloom, no one will see your light.  Remember in Matthew 5, when My Son says, “You are the light of the world.  People do not light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand…In the same way, let your light shine before others” (Matthew 5:14-16 paraphrased).

Especially on days like these, days when your joy is as absent as the risen sun, I need your light to shine even more!  Use these dreary days in your life as excuses to be even more joyous.  Remember, My love is the same yesterday as today and tomorrow.  Therefore, let your love for Me stay the same!  If it is overcast, that means you must shine even brighter for My light to stay the same.  Live in a love for Me that does not diminish whenever a cloud hangs over or a storm comes.  Rather, live in a love for Me that swells whenever Satan tries to steal My joy from you.

Sissy, live in My love always.  Let this love–never-ending, all-encompassing, ever-present–be reason enough for living in My joy.

My children need you today.  Some are searching for encouragement while some are looking for hope.  Some are convinced that I do not exist, but some are trying to believe that I do.

Sissy, love My children.  Show them your joy, encourage them with your hope, and tell them just how much I love them.

With all of My heart, I love you more than the very life that I create.


Dear Poppy: thank you for your unconditional love

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Dear Poppy,

Today, I have been doing it again… I have been procrastinating.  Sometimes, I wish that I would be more motivated to do certain things, to remember that “in all that I do, it is the Lord that I am serving” (Colassions 3:23).  Maybe I’m having such a hard time focusing on my studies because You are trying to teach me something.  This past summer, a lady once told me something that has never left my mind: “In moments when you cannot focus or nights when you cannot sleep, those are times when God is calling.

Right now, Poppy, what is it that you are trying to teach me?

There are so many lessons that I have to learn from you.  The prospect of all the lessons yet to learn excites me, of course, but sometimes, it’s so easy for me to feel overwhelmed.  After all, there is so much that I don’t know about You.  For example, I know that You love me, but I also know that there is no possible way that I could ever fathom just how much You love me.  Since I cannot fully understand Your love, it is easy for me to believe that it is conditional–that if I mess up or fall, I will disappoint You.

Lord, I am so grateful that You don’t ever turn Your face away from me when I embarrass You.  Sure, You may chuckle at me when I doubt You or become so worried over the little things–You know how I love to turn molehills into mountains.  But, Poppy, I know that Your face always holds a look of love on it when I run to You and into Your loving arms.

Although I wish I never turned away from You, there is hardly a doubt that I will.  Oh, I wish it wasn’t that way, but I am so grateful that You are always here for me.  You are the very reason why I try to live so purely and so holy.

Thank You for helping me to see that You love me for my faith in You, regardless of how many times I stumble.  Thank you for this day and all of its many blessings!  Every day is truly beautiful when I live it fully in You.

I love you, Poppy!


Introduction: Barefoot Walks and Coffee Shop Talks explained…

•November 22, 2009 • 5 Comments

Have you ever wished that God would speak to you out loud?  I have always prayed that God’s voice would boom down from heaven like a flash of lighting and boom of thunder.  Unfortunately, my name is not Bruce Almighty, and I haven’t had that experience yet.

After praying about it, though, and asking God to reveal himself, I realized that God often spoke to me through my writing.  Out of nowhere, I would be sitting in class or even at a tailgate for a football game, and I would become anxious to write.  Without even thinking, I would begin to write whatever God was placing on my heart.  Often times, His words came to me as a letter addressed as “Dear Sissy.”  (Sissy is the name that my mom always calls me.)  Whenever I write to God, I always address it as “Dear Poppy.”  Call me crazy, but whenever I call God by that name, it makes Him feel so much more like a loving grandfather/dad.

This blog will be filled with letters between the two of us: Poppy and Sissy.  At the end of each letter, I will even state the place where I wrote it and the day that I received it.  I pray that you will enjoy these letters just as much as I do!